See who is spying on your E-mail account or computer. Try out all the features of Don't Spy On Me without any restrictions Free for 30 days.
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  • Don't Spy On My E-mail
  • Don't Spy On My Desktop
  • Generate a "Spy-Catch URL"
  • View Spy Activity Log
Don't Spy On My E-mail - Send yourself a
customized "Spy-Catch E-mail" to trick hackers and spies into opening it and revealing who they really are.
    Generate a "Spy-Catch URL" - Create and and
place your Spy-Catch URL in any E-mail, chat, document, or file on your computer that you would like to monitor for spies.
Don't Spy On My Desktop - Create a fake, customized desktop icon to lure any spies on your computer into clicking it, which will permanently record their activity.     View Spy Activity Log - Check your activity log
anytime to see if someone opened your Spy-Catch E-mail, clicked your Desktop icon, or clicked your custom Spy-Catch URL.